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Quotes Our work [on values, vision and goals] has changed my concept of what's important to me. Quotes

Quotes I've saved hundreds of hours by learning to deal with what's really there. Quotes
Professional Photographer

Quotes I feel more self assured, and so more empowered to be in relationships I want to be in...and have gained the ability to get out of those I don't want to be in. Quotes
Salvation Army Store Manager

Quotes The knowledge you provided regarding negotiating my salary was most valuable to me. After our conversation, I was more confident in my ability to express my strengths and get the raise that I deserve. Quotes
Administrative Assistant

Quotes Lance, It was my pleasure to attend the EPPS publicist event. Thank you. I felt like I was apart of something special. You are very good at what you do I watched you up on stage and thought that it comes second nature to you. I would like to say that you are single-handedly one of the most interesting and the most intelligent persons I have met. You have taught and shown me so much in such a short amount of time.Thank you for giving me the opportunity of working with you and learning from you. Quotes
Robert T.
Conference Associate

Quotes I feel honored to be in that space with you and I always want you to know that same goes for you in my life. You have contributed immensely to my life and the effects of your support, coaching and mentoring are too numerous to mention Quotes
Peter W.
Actor, Computer Technology

Quotes Hi Lance. Thanks so much for your help and insights via phone the other day. You were great as usual. Quotes
Jenny B
Sales, Housewife, Mom

Quotes You've gotten me to start on my project at last, and now Iā??m focusing on what I know best Quotes
James A.
Polarity Therapist

Quotes You helped me identify simple, repeatable productivity techniques that have made a big difference. Quotes
Michael L.
Corporate CEO

Quotes Thank you for the wonderful words. I am certainly grateful for my ability to recognize talent when I see it (YOU!) and to reach out and ask for guidance and another viewpoint. I think we make a great team and I look forward to our continued growth and success. You as the teacher/mentor/coach and me as the student/protege/apprentice. Thank you for all that you do. Quotes
John D.
Doctoral Candidate, Psychotherapy