Coach Lance's Lighthouse Coaching*

Helping you find your way to greater productivity and effectiveness
through powerful commitment, integrity, communication & relationships.
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Coaching Sessions

Coaching Costs

Coaching Value

  1. What can I expect from a personal Coach?

    During a typical coaching session or call, there are many things the coach might provide to the client. These ‘deliverables’ lead to client outcomes.  All of them can and do add value. What would make a difference for you?

    Perspective Your coach provides fresh ways of looking at situations, Vantage points which open up new possibilities.

    Messages Your coach shares fitting knowledge, opinions, or wisdom.

    Energy Your coach provides energy and support as needed.

    Solutions Your coach inspires a solution to a problem or issue.

    Plans Your coach helps you develop a plan of action.

    Structure Your coach provides support and a check-in structure to increase effectiveness and productivity.

    Resources Your coach will provide, suggest or refer you to specialized experts, books, assessments and other tools of success.

    Options Your coach expands the number of options available to you.

    Training Your coach trains you in effective personal & business skills.

    Advice Your coach provides advice in the form of usable recommendations and suggestions.

    Strategies Your coach guides you through the creation of a workable and meaningful personal or business strategy.

    Feedback Your coach offers feedback, observations, insights, ideas and opinions.

    Challenge Your coach provides the challenge you need to get you off your … well….that gets you in gear and moving!

    Validation Your coach validates via encouragement and acknowledgement when it is appropriae.

    Caring Your coach cares via listening, patience, safety and a commitment to your success, happiness and well being.

  2. What does a Coach listen for?


    1. Values & Goals

    2. Commitment & Timetables

    3. Enthusiasm & Energy

    4. What's Lacking.

    5. Whats NOT being said.

    6. What's needed right now.

    7. What's getting in the way.

    8. What's most important to the client.

    9. What false assumptions the clients has made.

    10. If the client is 'getting' what the coach is saying...and how well and how quickly.

    11. How aware the client is of themselves and their environment.

    12. Meaning the client is adding or inventing.

    13. Possibility....or the lack thereof.

    14. What's relevant, and what's not.

    15. The client's view of reality.

    16. What would make the most difference.

    17. Tolerations

    18. Expectations

  3. Is Coaching the same as psychotherapy?

    No. Most coaches are not trained psychotherapists. Coach Lance requests that if you are in therapy, you discuss the possibilities and advantages of coaching with your therapist.  Coach Lance helps you set and achieve goals. You set the agenda. The coach provides tools and coaching to help you accomplish what you want, or what you have been putting off.  

  4. Why a 'lighthouse' logo?

    It's an apt metaphor.

    Lighthouses help guide sailors to their destination, warn them from dangers, and are beacons of hope, possibility, and a success completion of the journey.  A coach is like a lighthouse.

    A coach helps you set and achieve goals, be accountable, focus, anticipate challenges and dangers, communicate with power, increase productivity, improve relationships, get and stay fit, relax and enjoy yourself, and achieve balance in your life.

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Coaching Sessions

  1. Can I be coached by phone?

    Yes. Coach Lance prefers the first (free) one-hour session to be in person whenever possible.  Subsequent sessions can be at the Coach's office, or by phone, e-chat, or Skype.  He has had clients as far away as Malaysia, the Maldive Islands, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Las Cruces, and Oakland, as well as throughout the Los Angeles area.

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Coaching Costs

  1. How much does coaching cost?

    Prices vary depending on many factors, including urgency, number of sessions projected, and value to the client. A good starting point is $100 per hour, based on 4 sessions a month, with a three month commitment. 

    Other arrangements can include as few sessions a one, for $150/hour.

    Typically, coaching relationships lasting longer than 3 months may be eligible for reduced rates. 

    Discuss your needs and circumstances with Coach Lance at (213) 321-2104.

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