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About Us

Who is Coach Lance? 

Lance Webster is a member of the International Coach Federation, and a founding member of the International Association of Coaches and of Coachville.  He is a former ICF local chapter board member and a member of four of ICF’s international conference planning teams. He has studied, worked and volunteered for internationally renowned Landmark Education Corporation for more than 12 years and 3,000 hours, and has amassed hundreds of hours of personal coaching experience. In addition, he has spent 30 years in communication-related activities -- advertising, publicity, public speaking, association management, seminar and conference production, writing, editing, college teaching, image and brand management, personal growth and development.

He has been VP of PR for the nation's largest environmental exposition company; administrative director of Hollywood-based Earth Communications Office; head of the PBS TV Network's L.A. industry relations office; consultant for promotion and image for broadcast stations; executive director of a major broadcasting professional association; Board Chair of Equality Source, and college teacher, author, lecturer.

He is a member of the Entertainment Publicists Professional Society, Executive Director of the Television Publicity Executive's Committee, and an award-winning ToastMaster.

His background in communications and public speaking combine with his years of marketing/promotion experience to provide the basis for his work with clients on message point development and effective media training, as well as communication training. 

What distinguishes Coach Lance?

He is a catalyst, moving people to action, service, productivity, success, contribution and love in their lives. He has helped hundreds of clients set and achieve their goals over the past 15 years.