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Why hire a personal coach?

Why on earth would you pay good money for a personal coach – especially when things seem to be going fairly well?  It’s a good question. And there are some good answers.

People who want to move ahead powerfully in their lives and succeed at an extraordinary level engage the services of coaches of one kind or another. Athletes, for example, hire coaches trained in the distinctions that make a difference in their particular sport.  Investors consult regularly with people who know the ins and outs of ‘the market.’  And business leaders hire people to advise them on effective strategy, communication and leadership.

Coaching is for people who value and appreciate the importance in a rapidly changing world of ongoing personal growth and development – the ability to keep up, stay informed, not be overwhelmed by change.  Coaching is especially valuable for people faced with sudden, unexpected, planned or unplanned transitions in their lives – new job, new city, new relationship, new an challenging circumstances

Top athletes know coaching provides invaluable perspective, training tips that make a difference, validating acknowledgement when things go well; and inspiration, encouragement and advice when they don’t. Similarly, the non-athlete finds great value from the perspectives a personal coach and the coaching experience provide. 

Business leaders are among the many people who have coaches. So do sales people. So do artists in creative endeavors ranging from writing and music to painting and acting. So do entrepreneurs and people starting new businesses. So do people just looking for that special edge to stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly competitive world. And so do people faced with especially challenging and seemingly formidable circumstances.

A coach provides advice, support and direction in examining, exploring and re-affirming your key values and in seeing that your life is aligned with them.  A coach can help develop clear and powerful personal mission statement that helps guide you in the decisions you make.  And a coach helps you create both long and short-term goals that get you where you want to be in all areas of your life. The focus is where you want it, from your job to your personal and family relationships; from your health to your personal growth and development; and from the money you earn, to the quality and effectiveness of your physical environment – be it your home, office, neighborhood or community.

Coaches are client driven. 

It's the client’s needs and not the coach’s preferences that drive the agenda. Coaches are trained listeners. They listen for what is missing which, if it were put in, would make a quantifiable difference in the quality of your life, your work, and your relationships.  Coaches probe, prod, goad, encourage, empathize, acknowledge, advise, energize, validate, and challenge.  The provide perspective, suggest options, and help you devise strategies that lead to solutions and success.  And they do it with respect, patience, and caring.  

Coaches are not necessarily for everyone. 

But perhaps you owe it to yourself to request a free session with a coach to explore how coaching might impact your life, and how you can make coaching work for you. Call Coach Lance today, at (213) 321-2104. It costs nothing to explore the possibilities.